Katie turns 4!

Katie's Butterfly Birthday
Katie's Butterfly Birthday

 Katie turned 4 yesterday and as you can see by the picture, Carrie did some baking Ghana style.  This picture was taken just after Katie leaned down and mischievously bit off a small chunk of the cake (you can see it if you look closely).  I would have gone for the colored icing if I were her. 

Birthday menu:  hamburgers and french fries for dinner, butterfly cake and chocolate and vanilla Fan Ice for dessert.  It was all improvised using local ingredients but Carrie did a great job! 

On Friday we are moving two miles down the road to our new house.  We will miss the air conditioning and water heater, but my experience has been that a cold shower can help you fall asleep on a muggy African night.  And it will be nice knowing that we can settle in here for three months.  

Also, on the positive side:

  • although the rent is the same, the house is twice as big so we can house and feed the coaches with us in Kumasi.
  • Katie and John Mark can sleep in separate rooms which should really help us ALL sleep better!
  • the dogs at this house are still puppies and love the kids.
  • the snake population is much lower at this house.  We’ve seen two snakes in our current yard so far due to the plantain grove behind our house!  Most snakes here are pretty poisonous.
  • there is no wild cat living in any of the bedrooms that we know of.

Thanks for all of your comments!  We love hearing from you all.

2 thoughts on “Katie turns 4!

  1. Happy Birthday, Katie! Your cake looks delicious! We miss you all very much…Elena was watching PBS Kids this morning and Miss Lori asked “Who is your best friend?” and Elena responded to the TV “Katie”. 🙂

    We love reading the entries on this blog and the family blog! But we can’t wait to hear about it all in person (selfish, I know!) Good luck with your move and settling in for a while. The separate bedrooms for the kids is reason enough to be excited!!

    Take care.

    The Lawlers

  2. Katie – 4 years old already!! Sounds like you had a delicious birthday dinner. You probably saw pictures of your new cousin Olivia. I’m sure she will love meeting you the next time you’re all back in PA Love, Poppy

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