#smallbatch Listening to God AT Course

A Listening to God Pilgrimage April 20-23, 2017, YLI #smallbatch discipleship is hosting the first intimacy with God mini-pilgrimage on the Appalachian Train in North Carolina.  Younger leaders of any hiking ability will have the opportunity to learn more about intimacy with God, hearing God’s voice, and will be coached in developing an individualized 30-day experiment to hear God’sContinue reading “#smallbatch Listening to God AT Course”

Why does disciple making not happen more among us USA church folk?

Although I love the growth and multiplication happening in YLI, I’ve also come to terms with embraced that going deep with a few in discipleship doesn’t have mass-appeal.  And as I’ve had the joy to get to know many of you, I have learned that you are OK with that.  You support YLI because you believe: Jesus meant for making disciples to be a priority for Christ-followers, and… There is much evidence thatContinue reading “Why does disciple making not happen more among us USA church folk?”