Why does disciple making not happen more among us USA church folk?


Although I love the growth and multiplication happening in YLI, I’ve also come to terms with embraced that going deep with a few in discipleship doesn’t have mass-appeal.  And as I’ve had the joy to get to know many of you, I have learned that you are OK with that.  You support YLI because you believe:

  1. Jesus meant for making disciples to be a priority for Christ-followers, and…
  2. There is much evidence that disciple making is a very neglected practice among Christians!

The YLI Tribe (you) are people who desire to continue to grow as disciples and disciple-makers.  If that is true of you, I have a very helpful article from David Mathis of DesiringGod.org.  Seven Costs of Disciple-Making.  (Hat-tip to Bobby Callahan, one of our #smallbatch leaders, for forwarding it).  Just a couple of excerpts…

Mathis first suggests that being honest about the cost of making disciples can help us rise to the challenge, even if others think we are just wasting our time on a “small batch”.

“Perhaps what might help us over our hurdles is not to hide how costly disciple-making is, but to be utterly honest and explicit about the costs, and hold them out in the light for us to see, and then find whether something in us might just rise to the peculiar glory of it all. God makes foolish the wisdom of the world, with its shortcuts and mass production, through the folly of disciple-making. As he did when his Son took a rag-tag band of uneducated peasants, invested in them at depth, and launched them out to change the world.”
2 Timothy 2:2 is YLI’s keystone verse, but do we pay close enough attention to the very next verse?  Mathis makes another great point that speaks to our Coaches in Africa and to us.
“What is the very next thing the apostle Paul says after he gives his disciple Timothy the charge to make disciples who make disciples in verse 2? Verse 3: “Share in suffering.” Should we be surprised? The master disciple-maker himself was put to death on a cross. And Paul is writing this letter from prison to his disciple. Paul wasn’t locked up just for being a disciple of Jesus. If he would have just loved Jesus and kept it to himself, no one would have gone to all the trouble to put him away. No, he was in prison because he was fruitful to multiply his life by making disciples.”
I challenge you to read the entire article and share your thoughts.  Reply via email, post on our Facebook page, or tweet your thoughts to @ash_yli.  Let us continue to encourage and build each other up in our shared work of making disciples!

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