Love through Food and Clean Water

We call it “Love Evangelism” and its key to discipleship!

Our leaders stayed at home more this year, but led with their lives in very practical ways. In YLI we simply call this Love Evangelism and encompasses 30% of YLI’s Basic Training. In summary, we Christians might have great evangelistic fervor and the best technology, but if we do not lead with a loving lifestyle, all of our preaching and witnessing falls flat. When we train disciples we say, “Love is the missing jewel in the crown of the church.” Its convicting to the teacher and the students every time!

One team of YLI leaders went to four new villages in 2021 to begin discipling and to plant churches, and then were able to install clean water in each community. It is a unique ministry approach in Ghana. Many organizations plant churches, many provide clean water, a few disciple people. YLI’s approach is different in that we always lead with discipleship, but we also make sure we back up the message of the Good News with actions that demonstrate God’s great love for the people. As the Father sent the Son, YLI leaders send themselves out of love.  

Edward was project manager for all four projects. He was discipled by Zach seven years ago when Zach came to his own village, planted a church and installed clean water.

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