Unfortunately, the police did not approve.

If you read the post below about King James school last week, please read this post. Naomi needs prayer and love right now. And she needs practical help too. Here is a message from her this afternoon.

“The sad news is that the police have seized my car (Toyota Corolla) because we’ve been overloading it when carrying children to the school. The car is so small that we will have to drive to the villages 10 times to convey the children. The delays are causing the children’s parents to be late to work. I keep telling them let’s pray for God’s interventions.

The children coming from other villages are now 50. They have spoiled the whole of my car but am not disturbed about that. So we are pleading that you put King James school’s troubles or plight before rescuers to come to our aid to get us a school bus or a van, or just something more spacious than my car.”

It is rare to find someone as generous and non-self concerned as Naomi.  She has held nothing back in investing in these children.  Her love for them in inspiring, but eight children in the back of a Corolla is not the best situation for anyone.  I think a used van would be great, and doable.

If you would like to help, let me know.

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