Update on the Fulani ministry and water for Jabado


In addition to leading the Fulani ministry in Saboba, Jonah is also working to provide clean water for Konkomba villages in northern Ghana. The main guiding principle for our water projects is that we only install them in communities where we have young leaders engaged in relational discipleship ministry. That ensures that the impact is holistic, touching both spiritual and physical needs. It has been incredible to see how the combination of clean water with the Living Water has led to dramatic transformation in villages. Communities of people have come to know Christ and have also experienced drastic improvements in their quality of life.

Clean Water in Basajado

When my daughter, Katie, and I traveled to the north earlier this year, Jonah took us to the very remote and very poor village of Basajado. As we sat with the elders, Jonah explained our plan to provide clean water because we believe that God loves them and also cares about their living conditions.

The response from the elders was an unexpected silence. After a few moments I asked Thomas, a local leader, what was going on. Thomas asked the elders and then said, “They are so shocked about this great news that they are speechless.” Thankfully, the water project was completed last spring as planned and today is providing clean water during the current dry season.


A New Clean Water Project in Sedbeni

Jonah is now planning a second clean water project for the village Sedbeni. There is already a small church that meets under a tree in the community, and Jonah’s discipleship ministry is working hard to address spiritual, and social issues like alcoholism. We are prayerfully optimistic that construction of a water project will begin in Sedbeni early next year.

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