Family Update (a bit overdue)

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that it took our family almost seven months to settle into Ghana and begin to feel comfortable in these new surroundings.   But it did.  Perhaps because Carrie and I have each spent significant time in West Africa, and because we have fond memories of our four-month visit to Ghana in 2008 as a younger, smaller family, we figured our adjustment would be quick and painless.

Nevertheless, seven months later we finally seem to be finding our stride.  Carrie is home-schooling Katie through fourth-grade, and John Mark is thoroughly enjoying first-grade at the Beacon School (a ministry of Youth With a Mission); he has a fun teacher, energetic friends and an hour of soccer every day.



Timothy turned two in January and may be having more fun than any of us.  Ghanaians typically enjoy interacting and playing with young children so he always has someone around to sneak him a snack or kick the soccer ball.



In addition to the mom-umental responsibilities of keeping house and home flowing in an African town, plus teaching Katie, tutoring John Mark, and caring for Timothy, Carrie is also voluntarily teaching an art class at the Beacon School which has been a fun and necessary creative outlet.



As for me, I am busy studying and writing for my masters program at Akrofi Christaller, traveling around Ghana with YLI coaches, and supporting the family any way possible.

Upcoming Family Plans

1.  From March 22-29, Katie and I will travel to Ghana’s Northern Region to visit our Coach Jonah in Saboba and join a gathering with Fulani people.  We will also visit four villages where we have built (or will build this year) clean water projects.  I’m very excited for Katie to travel with me around Ghana for the first time.

2.  Carrie’s parents are coming to visit us from April 8-19.  This is a huge treat for the kids, them, and us.

Some Prayer Requests

1.  Continuing challenges with electricity and water at our house, which is frustrating to say the least.

2.  The kids desire deeper friendships and social interactions.

3.  Rest!  We are very busy and do not always sleep well for a myriad of reasons.  Life is tiring right now.

4.  Safety as we travel on the roads here in Ghana.

5.  Health. We seem to have a revolving door at the local doctor’s office.  Each week we are dealing with some sort of ailment, sometimes food- or water-born, sometimes viral, usually mysterious.  We try to eat healthily, sleep well, protect against disease, and get exercise, but it does not seem to always work!

6.  That we will face all challenges in such a way that will help our family grow closer to each other.

7.  And finally, that as a family we will have a positive impact in our community in Akropong.

We really appreciate your prayer and support.

We can feel the love.  Thank you.

Ash, Carrie, Katie, John Mark and Timothy

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