Jonah Manyan starts a literacy program using the Konkumba Bible

My good friend Jonah Manyan was illiterate until his mid-twenties when he began primary school.  He eventually attended bible college and in 2002 became a coach with YLI.

When I first met Jonah nine years ago we were both young men about to get married.  Today, Jonah is one of the most influential Christian leaders in his town of Saboba, which lies in Ghana’s poor agrarian north.  He still has a passion for literacy that he is using to lead people to Jesus and train them into disciples.

According to Jonah, the literacy rate in Saboba is a dismal 40%.  Using the bible that he helped translate into his native Konkumba language, he has formed literacy groups for young people.  In the process of teaching them to read and write Konkumba, they read through the bible together.  Many come to Christ as they are exposed to God’s word.

I met Ntenyabaka, one young man who became a Christian through Jonah’s literacy program.  Jonah is now investing in his life and paying for him to receive his secondary education.  After his education, Ntenyabaka will return to Saboba to help spread the gospel to his people.

On a personal note, Jonah and wife Agnes have just welcomed their third child, a baby girl, into their family!

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