Day 1: Accra and Kumasi, Ghana

Fran and Daniel Moye, Sarah Beth Alford, Vincent and I are back at the airport in Accra, Ghana this morning only twelve hours after we arrived from Amsterdam last night.  We are waiting along with around 30 other people for our 45 minute flight on the “little plane” to Kumasi and the YLI home base, where some YLI coaches and Vincent’s family are waiting for us.

Immediately after we arrived in Accra last night we met over a dinner of fried chicken and rice with a new friend, Emmanuel Dabson, the leader of Christian Outreach Fellowship.  COF was founded by one of Ghana’s founding fathers, who after becoming a Christian in prison, was given a vision that Ghanaians would not depend on western missionaries to take the gospel to unreached areas of Ghana, but that COF would develop a sustainable way for Ghanaians to send their own missionaries throughout the country. 

What makes COF unique in Ghana and interesting to me is their commitment to the art of one-on-one mentoring to train their missionaries and church leaders.   They deeply mentor local people  in remote villages, and train them to go out and plant small churches in other surrounding towns and villages.

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