Riding Delta to Ghana Today

It’s hard to believe that its been three months since our family returned from Ghana.  Since the end of last October we have been praying, planning and discerning; looking to see how God is continuing to lead us as a family and ministry.  Exciting things happen when we ask God to show us what he wants.  Out of the ordinary ideas, opportunities and usually some problems seem to arise; and it becomes clear that God is up to something.   

This afternoon I am hopping Delta over to Ghana for our first coaches’ summit of 2009.  Vincent Asamoah is joining me.  Vincent was one of the original guys that Jim identified and began to pour his life into in Ghana, even before starting YLI.  He has now just finished his MDiv at Baylor, and along with his family is moving back to Kumasi in May.  Vincent has been sensing along with our team and the coaches that God may be leading him into a leadership role with YLI.  This is an idea that none of us had even thought about just 3 months ago, and it is exciting because of his history with Jim Moye and the imprint that Jim left on his life.  

At the coaches summit Vincent and I will be teaching a lot about mission and vision as our team continues plan our 2009 ministry calendar.  We know a few things for sure:  

  • God is calling us to go deeper relationally in the towns where we train leaders.  We are to take the risk of going deep.
  • God wants us to shine a brighter light on YLI’s missional nature, living as the good news among the lost and hurting.
  • God is leading us in the deepening of the community of our coaches.    

I have been asked to give a short update to this blog over each of the next 10 days of our trip to let you all know what we are up to and how you can be praying for us.  So, pray for my technology, and check back again starting tomorrow night.  Thanks for providing support and encouragement to us in so many ways.

Please pray for Carrie, Katie and John Mark; and for Vincent’s wife Doreen, daughters Ama and Afia and son Kwame who are staying behind in Waco. 

Time to go.

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