Alfred from Essam

Alfred from Essam
Alfred from Essam

Yesterday, Jatoe, Churcher and I drove to a town called Essam to meet with Alfred, a teacher who Jatoe ran into in Sunyani in 2006.  Since that short conversation Alfred has been calling Jatoe periodically to ask if YLI could come and train some young people in Essam.   We are going to hold that conference July 23rd – 25th. 

If you find Essam on a map of Ghana you will see that there are no roads that go there…which usually means get ready for a drive that would make a chiropractor lie awake in anticipation!  We spent 10 hours in the car yesterday (much of that on dirt roads designed to knock tooth fillings loose) and only 2.5 hours with Alfred, but I was really impressed.  He is a clearly a leader in his community judging by how people in Essam talk of him, and he is already mentoring younger guys.

We got back to Kumasi at 10PM last night – tired, sore and hungry (despite the boiled ears of corn we bought at a security check point), but feeling good.  There is a hunger here; young people want to impact their communities and are grateful any help they can get.  It is great to have this opportunity to simply show them how Jesus led and loved people, and that they can do the same.

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