Getting Settled In

Here we are, day four in Ghana, and I think we are beginning to get settled in here in Kumasi.  Our house for the month of July is a small two bedroom bungalow, and is also home to two guard dogs, countless geckos (a few chickens are also running around but I am not sure they “live” here or just commute through our yard), and apparently there is a wild bush cat living in the spare room attached to the back porch.  It’s nocturnal, but I did startle it (and it me!) while I was looking for a ladder to fix a gushing leak in the pipe that feeds the water heater. 


Katie and John Mark have quickly bonded with the YLI coaches they have met and love the attention they are getting!  Sleep schedules are completely askew, and it is hard for them to sleep with all of the African nighttime noises; but sleep is a moving target for toddlers anywhere!  On Saturday, Carrie took the kids for a short walk to a corner market, and tomorrow we plan to go to the Kumasi Central Market which is the largest open air market in West Africa.


Albert Jatoe and I have spent a lot of time talking and planning the next four months, and also discussing the needs of the coaches here.  Yesterday we received Roland Martin’s itinerary for his 30 day visit from Liberia and internship with us in Ghana.  Please also be praying for the Coaches Conference in Kumasi (July 17th-20th).  Coaches have been facing some religious opposition to they way they freely reach out relationally to non Christians.  Pray that we will encourage them, and that they will know that there are many people behind them praying and supporting them. 

Thanks for a Great Send Off!

Thank you everyone for showing so much love and support for us as we leave for Ghana.  God has confirmed this call to us in many ways, not the least of which is how so many people have come around us and are praying for us.  It is wonderful to know that we are not just going; we are being sent.  There is indeed a difference.

Also, for any coaches that are reading this, know that you are also being prayed for from the US.  Many pictures were presented of you at the send off party.  We know that just as we are being sent to Ghana, you are being sent throughout Ghana and beyond!  You are the ones taking the Gospel to the unreached – loving and serving through the life of Christ.  Here is a short humorous video greeting from Hollywood specifically to you (he wishes he was coming too).

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