“Carrie has to come and get involved with this”. That was my persistent thought in India this January while visiting Freedom Firm. I knew my wife’s heart and gifts would come alive with this group which works throughout India raiding brothels and rescuing underage girls enslaved as sex workers.

Post-rescue, Freedom Firm deeply disciples the rescued girls for many years. Their holistic aftercare not only facilitates each girl’s emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, but also equips her practically for a future of self-sufficiency and independence.  The girls are trained and discipled to not live as victims, but to serve and minister to others with deep needs.

So Carrie is off to India, to learn more about Freedom Firm and to teach and assist at a summer camp called Avalanche’ (pronounced ‘ah-vah-lahn-SHAY’)The rescued young girls, who have known little but life in a brothel, will for the first time get to see and enjoy God’s creation in the mountains of southern India. They’ll camp, go rappelling, kayak and play games. They will be served, loved and treated like the precious children of God they are. Many of them will hear of God’s love and the good news of the gospel for them for the first time. Their feet will be washed by Christ followers, both literally and metaphorically.

Those of you who have met Carrie know that this is where she comes alive. So please pray for Carrie, the small team from our church, and the 29 girls who are attending the camp.

And pray for me too. Staying home while Carrie goes to disciple young people is a new experience. I have traveled internationally away from our family more than 30 times and Carrie has mastered the art of holding down the fort. Now it’s my turn and I just hope to not burn down the fort!

Ash (not pictured)

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